Processes and Capabilities

This article provides a quick overview of how the terms Process and Capabilities can be used in BPM. Some will disagree, but this makes sense to us and has proven quite workable.

Copies-R-Us: A Case Study (Part 2)

This month we continue with our study of how one would apply the BPTrends Associates Process Redesign Methodology to a specific process redesign problem.

Should Every Manager Be a Process Manager?

Harmon’s comment on a historic column that Roger Tregear wrote on Process Management.

Copies-R-Us: A Case Study (Part 1)

Here is a detailed case study that illustrates how the BPTrends Associates Process Redesign Methodology is applied to a specific process redesign problem.

The BPTrends Associates Methodology

A quick overview of how BPTrends Associates conceptualizes the business process space. A good process change methodology ought to systematically address all of these concerns.

Once More: Porter on Competitive Advantage

Paul Harmon describes the continuing importance of Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage concept to process professionals.

Change Management and Human Performance

Change Management is one of the keys to a successful business process change initiative. Learning the basics involved and incorporating them into your process methodology will increase your chances for success.

A Scorecard for Process Managers

This approach can capture the same information captured in a more traditional balanced scorecard approach. The stakeholder scorecard approach, however, doesn’t require that measures be rearranged or arbitrarily grouped, but allows them to displayed in a way that improves tractability and clarifies the priorities of the process in question.

Roles Evolve As Organizations Become More Mature

Roles in organizations vary according to the overall process maturity of the organization. Further, the focus of different people in the organization necessarily changes as an organization becomes more mature.

Processes and a Decision Modeling Notation

Paul explains that taken together, the BPMN Business Process Management Notation) and DMN (Decision Management Notation) represent a merger of business process and business decision (or business rule) technologies. This represents a major step forward in our ability to smoothly integrate these two, seemingly separate technologies, into a common approach.