Vitaly Khusidman

Vitaly KhusidmanVitaly Khusidman, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Princeton Blue, a US based firm focusing exclusively on BPM implementations leveraging SOA. He can be reached at

Enterprise Rule Enactment Service Patterns

In this Article, Vitaly Khusidman describes two enterprise architecture patterns for Rule Enactment Service that enables the externalization of business rules. The main benefits of using these patterns include shorter time to market and lower initial implementation costs, as well as lower maintenance costs.

Two Roles of Processes in SOA

Two Roles of Processes in SOA The distinction between business processes that orchestrate services in the context of human-centric workflows, and processes that orchestrate services in the context of a single short-lived transaction, is not always understood. Misunderstanding the differences between the two types of processes may lead to costly mistakes in creating organizational architecture […]

BPM Governance Framework

BPM Governance Framework In this Article, Vitaly Khusidman defines the requirements of a comprehensive framework that can serve as a single point of reference for all methods, artifacts, and tools needed for implementing a successful BPM initiative. Although the list of requirements is not complete, Vitaly sees this Article as a starting point for creating […]

SOA Enabled Workflow Modernization

SOA Enabled Workflow Modernization This month, Vitaly Khusidman explores, from a variety of perspectives, how workflow modernization fits into the Architecture Driven Modernization paradigm. He also discusses some workflow modernization scenarios leveraging SOA.