Robert M. Shapiro

Robert M. ShapiroRobert Shapiro founded Cape Visions in December, 2000. Cape Visions creates state-of-the-art software products that help organizations analyze and manage workflow processes. Vision Manager includes web-based monitoring, reporting and forecasting technologies utilizing XML-based interfaces.

Robert is chair of Working Group 1 of the Workflow Management Coalition, an elected fellow of WfMC, and an active participant in the development of standards for the interchange of process definitions.

Robert founded Meta Software Corporation and directed the design and implementation of Meta's WorkFlow Analyzer™ modeling and simulation technologies and Meta's automated bridges to workflow and workforce management products, including FileNET's Panagon Visual WorkFlo®, BancTec/Plexus' FloWare®, and Global Management Technology's Planet product for employee scheduling.

Robert holds a U.S. patent on executable graphical programming languages. He has authored numerous papers on the use of Coloured Petri Nets in solving optimization problems in hardware and software.

Prior to joining Meta Software, Robert served as an analyst and president at the consulting firm Meta Information Applications, Inc. Here, he pioneered ARPANET solutions and solved workflow and data management problems for diverse organizations. Before this, Shapiro held analyst and senior mathematician positions at Massachusetts Computer Associates, Inc., Applied Data Research, and IBM, where he specialized in designing compiler optimization techniques

He received a B.S. and did graduate study in mathematics at the University of Chicago

A Technical Comparison of XPDL, BPML and BPEL4WS

A Technical Comparison of XPDL, BPML and BPEL4WS This White Paper looks at the technical features of three XML languages – XPDL, BPML and BPEL4WS – that can be used to describe business processes.