Alan Ramias
Alan Ramias is a Partner of the Performance Design Lab (PDL), a consulting, coaching and training company that specializes in organizational performance improvement and an instructor with the BPM Institute. He brings 30 years of consulting experience in the analysis, design and implementation of organization performance systems. He has worked with organizations in Asia, Europe and North America to achieve improvements in organization performance. He is a co-author of the books White Space Revisited: Creating Value through Process and Rediscovering Value: Leading the 3-D Enterprise to Sustainable Success. Before becoming a management consultant, Alan was an instructional designer, training manager and organizational development manager at Motorola, where he worked for ten years. He was a member of the team that founded Motorola University. Alan led some of the first groundbreaking projects in process improvement that were the genesis for Motorola’s Six Sigma program.
Alan joined The Rummler-Brache Group (RBG) in 1991, and led improvement projects at Shell Chemical, Hewlett-Packard, 3M, Citibank, DuPont, Steelcase, Citgo, Hermann Miller, Louisiana-Pacific, Bank One, Microsoft, Chinatrust, Standard ©2015 Ramias & Spanyi, All rights reserved. 5 BPTrends ▪ February 2015 Processes and Capabilities: A Modest Proposal
Chartered Bank and other companies. He became a Partner and Managing Director of Consulting Services at RBG and was responsible for selecting, training and overseeing RBG’s consultant teams. He also conducted RBG’s process improvement project training for such companies as Hughes, DuPont, Shell, ABB, Ericsson, Citicorp, Sun Microsystems, Steelcase, Eli Lilly, Dow Chemical Europe, Dow Chemical South America, Square D, Pioneer Hi-Bred, UOP, 3M and Shell.

Andrew Spanyi
Andrew Spanyi's work in Process Improvement and Management is recognized internationally. He is the author of three books: More for Less: The Power of Process Management, Business Process Management is a Team Sport: Play It to Win! and Operational Leadership.
He has over two decades of management training and consulting experience. He is the founder and President of Spanyi International Inc. Since 1992, he has worked on over 100 major process improvement projects and led the development of several sales and management training programs. He has delivered keynote speeches at conferences in Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia and Africa.
He was affiliated with The Babson College Process Management Research Center and has taught courses at Babson College at both the MBA level and as part of the Babson executive education program. He is a member of the Board of Advisors at ABPMP. He has published articles with a broad cross-section of magazines such as Strategic Finance, Industrial Engineer, Lean Management Journal and the CEO Refresher.
Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics), and earned his MBA [Marketing/Finance] from York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Contact Andrew at or

Demystifying the Relationship Between Processes and Capabilities: A Modest Proposal

Alan Ramias and Andrew Spanyi recently printed out 196 pages of commentary from the BPTrends Linkedin site on the seemingly endless process vs. capabilities discussions. Undaunted, they have decided to weigh in on the discussion and do so in this Article. Please tell us what you think of their conclusions on the BPTrends Linkedin site.