Peter Matthijssen

Peter MatthijssenPeter Matthijssen, MSc, CMC, LSS Black belt, has 15+ years of experience with Business Process Management, Architecture and Business Transformations. As a consultant, trainer, presenter, author and leader, Peter supported and inspired numerous organisations and people around the world to work smarter and cope with the change challenges they face. Currently Peter is responsible for driving innovation in BiZZdesign, in the role of Chief Technology Officer. Peter is the author of numerous books and publications on BPM, Lean management, Architecture and Business Transformations, for example ‘Thinking in processes’ [2011], ‘Working with Lean’ [2013] and ‘The Adaptive Enterprise’ [2016]. He speaks on a regular basis at international conferences on business design and change like IRM-UK and Building Business Capability.

Technology for Business Change: Happy 2018

What Peter has observed in his role as Chief Technology Officer at Bizzdesign,
is that many organizations don’t do a very good job regarding change. In this Column, Peter asks, “Who Owns Change?” and suggests some questions that, if addressed, the implementation could help create a more adaptive organization.

BPM and Lean: Enabling the Adaptive Enterprise – Software for Change

In his new role as CTO at Bizzdesign, Peter Matthijssen observes that organizations handle change today in much the same way as they did 10, 20, 30 years ago and asks if this makes sense in today’s digital world. Read his Column for his answer to the question.

BPM and Lean: Prepare your Organization for Change: from ‘What’ to ‘How’ – Free Ebook

In this Column, Peter Matthijssen and his co-author, Marc Lankhorst discuss their thoughts on making an organization more adaptive and include a link to a free copy of their newly published eBook, The Adaptive Enterprise. Read inside for details.

Results on Business Transformations Survey – 554 Respondents!

Peter Matthijssen, a BPTrends author and BIZZdesign Managing Consultant and Trainer, presents the results of their recent survey of over 550 BPM professionals worldwide, from management to practitioners in a wide range of disciplines. The Survey focused on (1) what organizations considered their biggest challenges when transforming into digital and adaptive enterprises and (2) how they use software to collaborate on, guide and execute change.

BPM and Lean: 7 Key Capabilities of the Adaptive Enterprise

In his February Column, Peter Matthijssen’s message was that organizations need to become more adaptive. Continuing on that theme, this month he identifies 7 capabilities which he considers crucial for an organization to become an adaptive enterprise.

BPM and Lean: The Adaptive Organization

How do organizations stay relevant in the fast-paced and ever-changing business environment? Pete Matthijssen sets out to address that question in the first in a series of Columns on the adaptive organization. To respond to the challenges of a changing environment requires top-down strategic guidance, but also bottom-up improvement, learning and feedback. Read Peter’s Column for details.

BPM and Lean: Let’s go on a Customer Journey

Processes should provide value for customers, but, Peter Matthijssen asks, “How do our customers experience our processes?” In this Column, Peter introduces a technique, aimed at customer experience, called Customer Journey. This technique, Peter asserts, must be part of your BPM/Lean toolkit. Look inside for details.

BPM and Lean: Playtime is Over—It’s Game On!

The central themes at this year’s BBC conference were Change and Agility, and Peter strongly believes that bringing together and bridging different disciplines and techniques is critical to effectively supporting change. However, his experience has informed him that such collaboration is seldom practiced in organizations. Read his analysis and the solution he’s found to be successful in bringing practitioners of different disciplines together.

BPM and Lean: The Essence of BPM

Peter Matthijssen urges BPM professionals to stop focusing on the best approach or method for improving processes, but rather to concentrate on how different approaches and techniques can support each other. He asks, “What does BPM bring to the web of methods and techniques?” In other words, what is the essence of BPM? Do you agree with his conclusion?

BPM and Lean: Improving Agility – Step Back to move Forward

In his inaugural Column, Peter Matthijssen addresses the challenge of serving the customer in “real time.” To do so optimally, it is critical that the organization be “agile.”
His considerable experience in helping companies build a strategic capability for agility suggests that agility is something that requires support–but how much and what kind? Read what Peter has to say for the answer to the question.