Peter Fraser

Peter FraserPeter Fraser is Managing Director of Mandos Software and of Process Principles. After a career in software systems development, he spent six years as a Managing Consultant with KPMG before founding his own company.
He has wide experience in public and private sector organizations in a range of industry sectors in the UK and overseas. He designed and delivered Quality Management modules for an MSc in Project Management and is a published author on business process management and management systems design.
He was a leading contributor to the Chartered Quality Institute’s latest revision to its Body of Quality Knowledge. He was a member of the CQI’s Standard Development Group (SDG) and a leading member of the team which produced the CQI’s paper on the future of ISO9000 (later the UK position paper to ISO). Contact Peter at /

Has the Process Approach Arrived Yet?

Peter K. Fraser, Managing Director, Mandos Software, recently reviewed the final drafts of the soon to be published new versions of ISO9000 and ISO9001. Peter argues that the ill-defined and poorly presented concepts in both revised standards risk compromising improvements in other areas of the standards. Read his analysis and let him know if you agree.