Neeli Basanth Kumar

Neeli Basanth KumarBasanth Kumar Neeli has 13+ years of experience in conceptualizing, implementing, positioning in the domain. Earlier Neeli Basanth worked with Cordys (acquired by Open Text), a provider of enterprise class BPMS, where he held a variety of positions from engineering to product management, including senior product manager with responsibility of BPM stack of components. Basanth has consulted with several clients, helping them with BPM initiatives and worked with analysts including Gartner and Forrester on product briefings and the trends in the BPM space. As a Research Analyst at Infosys Labs , Basanth was involved in researching the topics around process based compliance, dynamic processes, and on-demand BPM. Currently Basanth owns a firm, Sail EmSoft (, specializing in helping clients with their BPM initiatives with a focus on engagement of customers and employees. Basanth holds a master of sciences (Mathematics) and master of technology (Computer Sciences) and can be reached at

BPM and Compliance Management, Part 2

BPM and Compliance Management, Part 2 In Part 2 of his Article on BPM and compliance management, Neeli Basanth Kumar compares business rules vis-à-vis compliance controls and ways in which compliance controls can be evolved into business rules. Read his Article for practical advice on how that end can be successfully achieved.

BPM and Compliance Management: From Overhead to Getting Ahead, Part 1

BPM and Compliance Management: From Overhead to Getting Ahead, Part 1 Compliance with government regulations is a fact of life that all organizations must deal with and business processes are among the most critical components of a compliance system. Neeli Basanth Kumar argues that instead of regarding compliance implementation as overhead, managers should think of […]