Larissa Zhurakovskaya
Larissa works for the City of New York. She has provided strategic guidance on a number of business process transformations lead by the Department of Information Technologies and Telecommunications, including the Emergency Communications Transformation Program, NYPD, FDNY, Department of Buildings and Department of Administrative Services projects leveraging the New York City Wireless Network, and the ongoing Citywide Procurement Reform. In her previous position with the Taxi & Limousine Commission, she successfully lead the transformative automation of New York City's taxi licensing law enforcement process. Larissa recently received her MS in Management of Information Systems from Pace University, where her coursework focused heavily on Knowledge Reuse, business agility, and Transformation Frameworks. Contact Larissa at

Amit Mitra
Amit is the Senior Vice President for Business Architecture at Freedom Mortgage Corp., charged with creating a disruptive and innovative platform. He is also an Associate Adjunct Professor at PACE University, and teaches courses on business transformation, and use of ontology in supporting business innovation and agility. national and international conferences on business modeling and business-IT alignment. Contact Amit at

Amar Gupta
Amir Gupta is Dean of Seidenberg School of Pace University in New York. He has held multiple positions at MIT Sloan School of Management (1979-2004), and has served as Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Productivity from Information Technology (PROFIT) Initiative and Associate Director of MIT's International Financial Services Research Center. Contact Amar Gupta at

The Enterprise Transformation Architecture (ETA)

Recognizing the potential risks of large transformation initiatives, Larissa Zhurakovskaya, Amit Mitra, and Amar Gupta present a framework that advocates a step-by-step evolution of best practices to support acceptance of innovation and change. Read their Article for details of the ETA framework they propose.