Michael Rosemann

Michael RosemannDr Michael Rosemann is Head of the Information Systems Discipline at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. This Discipline includes as one of its five research groups, the Business Process Management Group. This research group is one of the largest BPM research groups in the world and is internationally known for its applied research in areas such as BPM maturity management, process/workflow modelling and Business Service Management.

Michael is the Chief Investigator of a number of applied research projects funded by the Australian Government and various industry partners (e.g., Accenture, Brisbane Airport Cooperation, Rio Tinto, SAP, Qld Government, Woolworths). He has been instrumental in the design of QUT's Masters in Business Process Management. Dr Rosemann teaches each semester units on Business Process Modelling and Business Process Management to 140+ under-grad. and post-grad. students making these among the world's largest BPM courses.

Dr Rosemann is the author/editor of eight books, more than 170 refereed papers (published among others in MIS Quarterly, JAIS, DSS, EJIS, DKE, IEEE TKDE) and Editorial Board member of ten international journals (incl. the Business Process Management Journal). His 'Handbook of Business Process Management' (bpm-handbook.com) is the most comprehensive consolidation of global BPM thought leaders; his book 'Process Management' has been translated into German, Russian and Chinese.

Dr Rosemann is the founder and chair of the Australian BPM Community of Practice (http://bpm-collaboration.com). With more than 250 invited BPM Professionals, this is one of the largest of such communities in the world. He has been the Chair of the 5th International Business Process Management Conference in 2007, invited keynote speaker in 2008 and the Chair of the Australasian Conference on Information Systems in 2010.

Dr Rosemann regularly conducts keynotes, executive training in BPM and provides advice to organisations from various industries including telecommunications, banking, insurance, utility, retail, public sector, logistics and film industry. He is an experienced speaker and facilitator with a focus on value-driven process-related change initiatives including the design of process-based projects, stakeholder analysis, process scoping, process vision, process modelling, process analysis, process improvement, process performance measurement, process implementation, and process change management.

Process Management as a Service

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Framework for BPM Center of Excellence

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The Service Portfolio of a BPM Center of Excellence In this Article, Dr. Michael Rosemann, sets out to make the challenge of set-up and delivery of an enterprise-wide BPM system easier for managers responsible for the project. He provides all the tools necessary for a “portfolio management approach” and offers a public sector case study […]

Creativity Management—The New Challenge for BPM

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Holistic BPM is Coming of Age

Holistic BPM is Coming of Age BPM is not only important within companies, but it is also a hot research topic at universities. In this short paper, Michael Rosemann, head of the BPM program at Queensland University of Technology, and his colleague Marlon Dumas, consider which aspects of BPM are most interesting to academics and […]

Process Portfolio Management

Process Portfolio Management Dr. Michael Rosemann is a professor at Queensland University of Technology and co-leader of the QUT’s BPM Group. In this article, Dr. Rosemann describes how companies can apply portfolio management techniques to analyze their processes and prioritize their intervention efforts. He goes on to show that more process-mature companies can use this […]

Application of a Holistic Model for Determining BPM Maturity

Application of a Holistic Model for Determining BPM Maturity Michael Rosemann and Tonia de Bruin report on the results of tests of the Holistic Model for Determining BPM Maturity that has been developed at Queensland University of Technology.