Johan Nelis

Johan NelisJohan Nelis is a BPM though leaders with over 15 years international experience and is renowned for his innovative and pragmatic solutions. He is author of the BPM Bestsellers: Business Process Management: Practical Guidelines for Successful Implementations and Management by Process: Pragmatic Roadmap to Sustainable BPM. He writes regular columns for BP Trends.

He has lifted the bar of BPM solutions and approaches as he provided actual value in improving processes and building process management capability across both blue chip organisations through to medium size enterprises. By aligning the processes with the client strategy, analysing critical bottlenecks, rationalising activities and improving management information, he has enabled companies to ensure that "the right things are done the right way" and achieve sustainable quick wins while at the same time work on substantial improvement and capability.

Johan Nelis is heading the TouchPoint team of BPM consultants in Sydney, Australia ( Previously he has established a practice of 30 BPM practitioners in The Netherlands as part of the Cap Gemini Group and he has worked as Programme Coordinator and Advisor for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation in Asia.

Johan is passionate about sharing ideas and experiences and is the Chairperson of the BP Trends Forum in Sydney after co-founding the successful Dutch BPM Forum (with over 300 active members). Johan has initiated numerous hands-on and innovative training in process and management with exceptional high satisfaction. He is always open for new ideas and can be reached on

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