Jean-Jacques Dubray

Jean-Jacques DubrayJean-Jacques Dubray is a SOA Enterprise Architect in a large financial institution. He co-authored or contributed to several SOA specifications such as OASIS's ebBP, SCA, SDO, WS-TX, WS-CAF, BPML, W3C's WS-CDL and OAGIS. Over the last ten years he has architected 3 composite application frameworks. He earned his Ph.D. from the Faculté des Sciences de Luminy in Marseilles.

Six Fallacies of Business Process Improvement

Six Fallacies of Business Process Improvement Jean-Jacques Dubray has translated this Article by Dominique Vaquier which identifies six commonly held beliefs pertaining to Business Process Improvement and demonstrates the fallacies inherent in each one. If you proceed with your improvement project believing any or all of these beliefs, mistakes can occur. Learn what these beliefs […]

Microsoft’s Next Frontier

Microsoft’s Next Frontier Jean-Jacques Dubray has been heavily involved in BPM for several years. In this interesting article he describes recent Microsoft developments and explains why he believes that Microsoft is gearing up to play a major role in BPM.