Ismael Ghalimi

Ismael GhalimiIsmael Ghalimi is CEO of Intalio, the Open Source BPMS Company. Ismael has been referred to by many as a technology visionary and strategic industry leader. Having founded Intalio in 1999, Ismael put together the world-class engineering team that created the first standards-based business process management system (BPMS), defining the scope and functionality of this new breed of enterprise software. Ismael has spearheaded major partnerships and industry alliances, most notably the founding of the Business Process Management Initiative (, the standards body for BPM technologies. Ismael is the author of IT|Redux—a weblog covering the transformation of the IT industry and coined the term Office 2.0. Prior to Intalio, Ismael organized the first ExoLab Session—the open source software conference held in Nantes, France, that built the foundation for BPMS technology. He majored in computer science at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy (France) and studied parallel computing at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France).

IT|Redux: Nobody Cares About BPM

IT|Redux: Nobody Cares About BPM This month, Ismael Ghalimi describes an exciting new service from Google, and uses it to conclude that interest in BPM peaked in 2003. He argues that the stage has been set for a second round — which he terms BPM 2.0

IT|Redux: BPM 2.0

IT|Redux: BPM 2.0 This month, Ismael Ghalimi speculates that open source BPMS tools will usher in a new generation of BPM applications, which he terms BPM 2. He goes on to describe the differences between existing and open source BPMS products.

BPMS: Some Predictions for 2006

BPMS: Some Predictions for 2006 This month, our new columnist, Ismael Ghalimi, a founder of the and the CEO of Intalio, makes some predictions about how the BPMS market will develop in the year ahead.