Imre Hegedus

Imre HegedusImre Hegedus is a BPM Consultant focused on enabling organizations to improve business performance through process based methods, models and designs. Imre assists businesses in their early stages of 'process thinking' providing unique insight into the management and improvement of business processes. Well respected in the BPM community, with 15 years of corporate experience, Imre is capable of working in both the business and technology domains of the discipline and has consulted to some of the largest corporations in Australia and New Zealand. He has led the development of a number of networking forums relating to Quality and BPM and has undertaken various community roles including Chair of the Victorian Teams Network of the Australian Quality Council and adjudicator for the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Quality Teams Network. Imre also established a series of BPM Chapters in Australia. The chapters provide local off-line forums where BPM professionals can learn from each other and share experiences in a well-facilitated and independent environment. The chapters welcome participation from process and change practitioners, vendors, consultants and academics. Imre can be reached at

BPM and PI (Part 3)

BPM and PI (Part 3) As he has emphasized in Parts 1 and 2 in this series, Imre Hegedus believes that Process Improvement and Process Management should be a deliberate exercise. In this third and final Article of the series, he concludes with an exploration of how you might go about deploying both BPM and […]

BPM and PI, Part 2

BPM and PI, Part 2 Imre Hegedus continues his discussion of the relationship between improvement and management cycles. In Part 2, he presents a series of questions that will assist you in determining the next steps your organization should take to sustain a workable interplay between BPM and PI. The answer may be to seek […]

BPM and PI

BPM and PI In the first of a three part series, Imre Hegedus explores the relationship between BPM and Process Improvement methods. He advocates a holistic and phased approach in which BPM and PI are deployed together to lead to successful and sustainable business performance.

Customer Value

Customer Value Imre Hegedus asserts that business relevance begins and ends with the customer and must be the basis for aligning and evaluating BPM deployment. Read how to apply practical process solutions to what may seem competing process goals within the organization by adhering to a customer focus.