Ian Gotts

Ian GottsIan is Founder and CEO of Nimbus, a rapidly growing software company with offices in the UK, the USA and China. His clients include Toyota, Unilever, JP Morgan and HM Government. The company has won a slew of awards: D&T European Fast500, Sunday Times TechTrack100 (Best Use of Technology) and REALBusiness Hot100, due to its 40% year-on-year growth. Nimbus is a Microsoft Gold Partner and SAP Software Partner.

At Accenture for twelve years, he specialised in managing business critical transformation projects. He was one of the IT Directors for the Department of Social Security, where he lead a department of over 500 people with a budget responsibility of £40million.

Ian's first book Common Approach, Uncommon Results explains what really makes a difference when driving business transformation programmes, and how to get buy-in or adoption of change at grassroots. It is published in English and Chinese, and is in its second edition.

His second book Why Killer Products Don't Sell is at the heart of the innovation challenge. A fatal misunderstanding about how companies buy innovative products or services means most fantastic new ideas never make it. The book gives critical insights into how to market and sell innovation, and how the company behind the product or service should be organised.

What’s in a Name? It’s Just Window Dressing, Isn’t It?

What’s in a Name? It’s Just Window Dressing, Isn’t It? Ian Gotts suggests that companies looking to transform their business through BPM or process mapping need to sell the project to their staff to ensure success. He describes an actual scenario based on his work with a client involving 800+ retail stores to illustrate his […]

Putting the M Back in Management

Putting the M Back in Management Ian Gotts, CEO of Nimbus, defines BPM as the management discipline by which an organization treats its business processes as one of its most valuable assets. The fact is, however, that to many in the IT world, BPM means “process automation tools.” In this Article, Ian explains his view […]

Quality Management Doesn’t Cut it Anymore

Quality Management Doesn’t Cut it Anymore As the Quality Manager, how do you change your operation from a liability or simply a cost center to an asset or a value add? Ian Gotts has some practical advice on how to move from being the owner of the Quality Manual to being the facilitator of process […]

Leading Indicators vs. Lagging Indicators

Leading Indicators vs. Lagging Indicators Ian Gotts begins his Article by asking a leading question—are your managers operating as company doctors or coroners? In other words, are their Key Performance Indicators leading indicators or lagging indicators? Read this engaging Article to determine whether your company’s measurement standards lead or lag.

The Wheels Haven’t Come off Yet

The Wheels Haven’t Come off Yet Forget the gloomy financial forecasts. Ian Gotts sees opportunity for companies to come out of this economic crisis having gained market share and emerging as the dominant player as competition falters. He exhorts decision makers to make targeted investments that support the corporation’s strategic direction. Read his Article for […]