Henk de Man

Henk de ManHenk de Man is Research Director of Cordys.

His focus is on growing the Cordys SOA-based Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) towards a full-featured Business Operations Platform (BOP). BOP is capable to support management, planning and rapid transformation of business operations and is enabled for smooth interoperability with existing enterprise applications and IT infrastructure. From a research perspective he is strongly involved in extending the Cordys product suite with support for Master Data Management, process-driven federation of complex data such as PLM data, Complex Event Processing, Lean Six Sigma, Value chain analysis, value chain-based Business Activity Monitoring, process governance, and case management.

He represents Cordys in the Object Management Group (OMG), participating in standardization programs in related areas. In earlier years he was involved in model driven architectures of business process applications as a functional architect.

Before he worked with Cordys, he worked with Baan Company, as functional architect of BaanERP, and had a leading role in advancing the BaanERP product suite to address core business needs of major accounts in Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, High Tech and Industrial Equipment.

Henk has over 15 years of experience in application development, functional architecture, and research, working for Baan Company and Cordys.

Henk holds a MS in Mathematics from Delft Technical University, and a post-masters degree in Designing Logistic Control Systems from Eindhoven Technical University.

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