Geoff Cardwell

Geoff CardwellGeoff Cardwell has over 30 years experience in the electrical power industry, half of which have been in the quality systems area. He has MSc (Elec Eng) and MBA degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. After starting as a protection engineer with ESKOM, the South African power utility, he joined their nuclear power station team as Project QA Coordinator. He later became Group QA and Technology Manager for the ABB companies in South Africa.

Since coming to New Zealand in 1993 he has worked in the consulting electrical engineering field on power supply projects in the South Island. He took a 6-year break from industry to, among other things, develop his interest in business systems including taking IT courses at the local Christchurch Polytech and Canterbury University. He also gave quality management lectures to post-graduate engineering students at the University.

His present activities include part-time consulting roles in electrical power systems engineering and he is the Chairman of the New Zealand National Committee of CIGRE, the Paris based International Council on Large Electric Systems. Geoff has a passion for simplifying business system structures so that everyone in the company will benefit from a better understanding of how its systems function. He can be reached at

Influence of Enterprise Architecture

Influence of Enterprise Architecture In this Article, Geoff Cardwell acknowledges the communication gap between the workforce and those who design and implement the company’s business systems. He suggests that Enterprise Architecture can be structured in a set of simple process architectures understandable to both groups.