Gail Petersen

Gail PetersenGail Petersen is a dynamic, accomplished asset management professional specializing in the optimization of resources in capital intensive industries. She is an innovative thinker with effective tactical skills and a proven track record of success. In a leadership role for several capital intensive organizations, Gail has worked with executive teams and maintenance staff alike to design new ways of working and develop implementation plans that make a difference by delivering bottom line results.

Recognizing a gap on the marketplace, Gail combined her specialization in asset management with her mastery of business process management and created the Reliability Improvement Starter Kit™, a process reference model coupled with Balanced Scorecard used to manage assets in capital intensive industries. Use of this framework for a large facility management group at the University of California, San Diego, won BPM Consortium's 2009 award for Best Enterprise-wide BPM Effort presented by the prestigious Object Management Group standards body. In 2004 the Paper Industry Management Association presented Gail with the Kenneth H. Collins Specialist Group Award for her outstanding contribution to reliability and maintenance.

Gail has been an instructor for Boston University's BPM Certification program, and a member of Process Renewal Group for 17 years. She is an editorial director for Paper360, a pulp and paper industry magazine.

Gail graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Honours Mathematics.

Reliability Centered Process Driven Technology

Reliability Centered Process Driven Technology In this Article, Gail Petersen and Brian DeMeulle tell the story of how Facilities Management at the University of California, San Diego, implemented a successful business process renewal project in its maintenance operations. The story is illustrated with revealing breakthrough examples.