Fred Nickols

Fred NickolsFred Nickols is a consultant, writer and executive-level manager whose career spans 20 years in the United States Navy and another 30 years in the private sector. His private sector experience is evenly divided between consulting and positions on staff with former client organizations.

Fred's work focuses on improving the performance and productivity of people, processes and organizations. Special areas of interest and expertise include strategy, knowledge work, communities of practice, change management and a particular approach to business problem solving known as "Solution Engineering." His clients span several industries: financial services, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. They also span several organizational functions: sales, marketing, operations, research and information technology.

Fred has published dozens of articles in a wide range of professional journals and magazines and authored several chapters for professional books.

Inside the Process Box

Inside the Process Box Fred Nickols suggests you set aside your “outside the box” thinking and consider what’s “inside the box” in the process diagram. He believes that what lies inside can be useful in figuring out how to improve the performance of people and processes. Read his Article for a set of diagnostic questions […]

Understanding Work and Work Control Systems

Understanding Work and Work Control Systems In this clear and concise article, Fred Nickols presents a model of a work control system that has had proven success in making work more productive.