Daniel White

Daniel WhiteDaniel White is an executive coach, organization development consultant, and leadership facilitator and who specializes in helping leaders, teams and whole organizations achieve constructive change. This includes working with leaders to strengthen their ability to inspire their stakeholders and sustain change over the long term. He appreciates the complexity and dynamic nature of leading in modern, global organizations. He uses this orientation to help clients develop leadership approaches that both fit and guide their particular organization.

He serves as coach and facilitator enabling leaders to develop new behaviors and mind-sets that significantly enhance their effectiveness. He uses an engaging and supportive but direct style which enables him to develop trust, rapport and positive results with clients. He is both pragmatic and inspirational as he helps clients surmount barriers to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Prior to his role as a leadership coach and consultant, Dan served as Director of Executive & Organization Development at Citibank. There he implemented original and effective approaches to organization effectiveness and leadership development.
Dan holds an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Rochester. He has published book on leadership coaching and articles on innovation and career management.

The Power of Hidden Rewards in Creating and Sustaining Change

Gaining buy-in for change is central to the success of any business process improvement. And rewards are what motivate most of our behavior. In this Article, Daniel White, an organization development consultant, describes an example of how examining and altering rewards for unwanted behaviors can be a powerful factor in creating buy-in and positive behavior change.