Christine Dicken

Christine DickenChristine Dicken is a Practice Director for Business Performance at Logimethods. Christine has worked in the area of process performance since 2002 and is a Certified Business Management Professional (ABPMP), a Lean / Six Sigma Black Belt (Arizona State University), and a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Christine has been invited to speak at various Business Process Management and Lean conferences. In addition, she is an acknowledged contributor to the second version of Lean for Dummies.

Christine led the process work for a project that won the Edison Award, the electrical industry's highest award, in 2008. In January of 2009, her case study, which documented the role of business process management (BPM) in achieving operational excellence and supporting innovation in a utility's substation maintenance practices, was awarded "Best Overall Single BPM Application" by OMG and BPTrends. This journey was also documented in a case study written by Arizona State University for Ivey Press in 2010.

Christine is the principal inventor for the patent entitled Method, Program Code, and System for Business Process Analysis.

Christine can be reached at

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