Jan vom Brocke & Christian SonnenbergProfessor Jan vom Brocke is head of the BPM group in Liechtenstein. He is Professor of Information Systems, the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, and Director of the Institute of Information Systems. He is Founder and Co-Director of the award-winning Master Program in Information Systems with Majors in Business Process Management and Data Science and Director of the PhD Program in Information and Process Management at the University of Liechtenstein(see: www.uni.li/mis). Since 2012 he has been appointed Vice-President of the University of Liechtenstein responsible for research and innovation, re-elected in 2015. Jan has over 15 years of experience in IT and BPM projects and he has published more than 300 papers in reknowned outlets, including MIS Quarterly (MISQ), the Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS), European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), and the Business Process Management Journal (BPMJ). He has authored and edited 29 books, including Business Process Management – Driving Innovation in a Digital World and Green BPM – Towards the Sustainable Enterprise, and the International Handbook on Business Process Management. Jan is an invited speaker and trusted advisor on BPM serving many organizations around the world. You can contact and follow Jan via his website: janvombrocke.com.

Dr. Christian Sonnenberg is working as a business process consultant, specialized on ERP system applications and implementations in logistics. Christian also regularly contributes scholarly articles in the fields of BPM and information systems and is an associated researcher at the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein. In his doctoral thesis he developed IT artifacts for supporting accounting tasks in process-oriented organizations. Christian has been awarded with the “Liechtenstein Young Researcher Award” by the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein for successfully transferring his research results into practical IT solutions.
You can follow Christian´s research activities on his University of Liechtenstein website www.uni.li/christian.sonnenberg, or contact him directly via christian.sonnenberg@uni.li.

BPM Research and Education—Process Management and Accounting

Jan vom Brocke, in collaboration with his colleague, Christian Sonnenberg, present a basic toolkit, the Process Accounting Model (PAM), that can help process managers gather the necessary data to clearly demonstrate the economic value generated by their business processes. The toolkit aims to help process managers justify their BPM initiatives in a language familiar to business people. Details inside.