Sonia LippeDr. Sonia Lippe holds a PhD in Business Economics from the University of Liechtenstein. She works as a senior project consultant for SAP SE in St. Gallen, Switzerland and as a post-doc at the University of Liechtenstein. At SAP SE she is responsible for the initiation and management of public-funded research projects. Her main research interests include the management of innovation processes and
project management in research projects. Sonia has previous experience with SAP SE in Germany and Australia, with the Queensland University of Technology, German Telekom, and with GAD AG in Münster, Germany.

Jan vom Brocke
Jan vom Brocke is head of the BPM group in Liechtenstein. He is Professor of Information Systems, the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, Director of the Institute of Information Systems, and Vice-President of the University of Liechtenstein. He has over 15 years of experience in BPM research, teaching, and practice, and he is a Co-Founder and Co-Director of international Master- and PhD-Programs on IS and BPM (see: Jan has published more than 300 papers in renowned outlets, including MIS Quarterly (MISQ), the Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) and the Business Process Management Journal (BPMJ). He has co-authored and co-edited 23 books, including the International Handbook on Business Process Management, the book Green BPM – Towards the Sustainable Enterprise, and the book BPM – Driving Innovation in a Digital World. Jan is an invited speaker and trusted advisor on BPM serving many organizations around the world. You can contact Jan via mail at

Class Notes: On the Role of Project Management Skills in Managing Innovation Processes

Jan vom Brocke and Sonia Lippe focus on the importance of project management skills when managing innovation processes. Arguing that there is no “one size fits all approach,” they propose instead applying a management approach designed for specific projects. In their Article, they also present a taxonomy that enables managers to analyze the nature of different tasks to be conducted in a project.