Austin Rosenfeld

Austin RosenfeldAustin Rosenfeld is the founder and CEO of Macedon Consulting, a leading implementer of BPMS solutions. Previously, he served as BPM practice manager at Amentra, Red Hat's middleware consulting arm. Before that, he was a BPMS product architect at Appian and is named as an inventor on pending patents from that work. Most of Austin's time is devoted to running Macedon's center of excellence and evangelizing BPMSs as general-purpose, business-focused technology solution platforms.

BPM in a Data Driven Eco System

BPM in a Data Driven Eco System Austin Rosenfeld states that BPM systems are for managing processes, not data. But processes need data, and while major BPM suites support a "Write to ERP" node, surfacing that data is a difficult challenge. Austin suggests that the solution to the “data dilemma” is for BPM suites to […]

BPM: Structured vs. Unstructured

BPM: Structured vs. Unstructured Austin Rosenfeld asserts that real-world processes present varying degrees of structure, and while BPM and BPMN excel at the more structured aspects, we need a toolkit that supports the nature of the process to accommodate varying structures. Austin argues that BPM suites support design patterns that solve this problem well. Read […]

The Power of Mobile-Enabled BPM

The Power of Mobile-Enabled BPM Austin Rosenfeld contends that IT systems have not kept pace with today’s consumer demands for instant access to information from anywhere at any time. He sees mobile-enabled BPM as the technology delivers that access. If, like me, you’re unfamiliar with the term mobile-enabled BPM and how it will impact your […]

Deploying BPM in the Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Deploying BPM in the Cloud Has a Silver Lining Vendors beware. Austin Rosenfeld believes that the Cloud, or more specifically, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that the Cloud enables, eliminates the need for many companies to buy servers and pay for the associated maintenance in order to use specific applications. Read Austin’s Article […]