Arun Kumar AsokanArun Kumar Asokan is a BPM Consultant with Infosys Ltd, pioneer in Building Tomorrow's Enterprise. He holds an MBA degree from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia and B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC), India. Arun specializes in providing BPM consultancy on process modeling, process reference architecture and frameworks & process governance topics. The author can be reached at or

Process Portfolio Analysis Based On Maturity Survey

In this Article, Arun Kumar Asokan, a BPM Consultant with Infosys, Ltd., introduces a structured approach to Process Portfolio Analysis. He provides models for conducting the analysis and contends that, if carried out, the analysis will benefit the organization by enabling management to identify processes that create customer and shareholder value and eliminate those that do not.

Manage Business Process Change with Process Quality, Design & Approval Checklists

Arun Kumar Asokan, a BPM consultant at Infosys, Ltd, attempts to answer the frequently asked question– How to manage process changes efficiently in an enterprise? Arun asserts that the lack of standard approaches and tools make effective process governance a challenge. In this Article, he provides a step by step approach to review and approve process changes in an organized fashion by using three different checklists. Read his Article for details.