Adeel Javed

Adeel Javed is a consultant with 10 years of software development, design and architecture experience of enterprise-wide BPM, BAM and SOA applications. He facilitates organizations with their process improvements and implementation initiatives. His clients include multiple Fortune 500 organizations from diverse global industry domains of manufacturing, telecommunications, banking, technology and retail. He regularly writes about BPM on his blog Connect with Adeel at

How to Improve Worker Engagement Using Process Gamification

In this Article, Adeel Javed, an Intelligent Automation Specialist, discusses which game elements in business process can be used to improve worker engagement.

How to Empower Knowledge Workers Using Cognitive BPM

In this Article Adeel Javed, a technology professor with over a decade of experience with BPMtakes a look at how different IBM® Watson™ services can be used within business processes to empower knowledge workers in making better decisions.

Cloud BPM Software Requirements

Adeel Javed believes that migration to the cloud is a question of when , not if. In this Article, he focuses on requirements of a cloud BPMS that organizations should look for when they decide to migrate to the cloud.