Dave Ackley was the founder of Ackley Associates, an Oregon consulting firm specializing in advanced modeling methods. Through years of consulting with a wide variety of businesses, he developed a template-based Integrated Modeling Method that greatly reduced enterprise model development time and cost. Dave held a BS in electrical engineering, an MBA and a PhD in business administration. Dave is sadly deceased in 2013 during development of the Multi-Channel Supermarket Model.

Harco van Meerten is a business consultant with 20 years of retail business experience gained in the Netherlands and Belgium. He has advised retail companies on company-wide issues at the intersection of business and ICT. He has a focus on multi-channel retailing. Harco holds a BS in business informatics. He can be reached at harcovanmeerten@gmail.com.

Frank Steeneken is a business process architect working in the Netherlands. Frank has 3 decades of experience in the field of business process management, requirements engineering and system analysis. He has worked for consulting organizations across different industry verticals and has extensive experience with (supermarket) process modeling. Frank holds a BS in civil engineering. He can be reached at frank.steeneken@gmail.com.

A Complete Model of the Multi-Channel Super Market Business

Using extensive graphics to illustrate their text, Dave Ackley, Harco van Meerten and Frank Steeneken present a comprehensive picture of the underlying structure that holds every multi-channel supermarket business together while achieving its goals. This model is a collaborative adaptation of an earlier model presented in “A Complete Model of the Supermarket Business” which we published in January, 2012.