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June 2022

Copies-R-Us: A Case Study (Part 1)

Here is a detailed case study that illustrates how the BPTrends Associates Process Redesign Methodology is applied to a specific process redesign problem.

Should Every Manager Be a Process Manager?

Harmon’s comment on a historic column that Roger Tregear wrote on Process Management.

Practical Process: Process Improvement Is Not Enough

Roger Tregear discusses a pyramid of process tasks and points out that process improvement, while important, isn’t the complete job facing a business manager.

Harmon on BPM: The Scope of Management

Paul Harmon describes what managers are expected to do, and considers how process management fits within the overall managerial role.

Dear BPTrends Members, I wouldn’t say we are back on track yet, but we are making progress, reviewing and reassigning our resources to continue  Among other things, we have canceled our BPTrends Discussion site on Linked In.  For some reason we have never had the discussions of BPTrends articles there that we hoped to […]