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January 2021

Dear BPTrends Member, We wish all of our readers a very happy New Year and great success, health and happiness in 2021. This month’s Update includes coverage on topics that we hope you will find compelling and of use in your daily activities. Please let us hear from you with any comments and suggestions for […]

Harmon on BPM: DeepMind Is No Longer Playing Games

DeepMind is an AI company owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company. AlphaFold 2 is DeepMind’s latest application which analyzes data about the biochemical makeup of protein molecules and suggests how they are structured (folded). Paul predicts that many business processes will be redesigned in the years ahead to accommodate the use of powerful new tools like DeepMind’s AlphaFold.

Human Processes: There’s No Such Thing as Good Tech

Keith believes that we are at a critical point in technology development—”poised for either utopia or dystopia”, depending on choices made by IT thought leaders over the next few years. Process people, as key adopters of new technologies, have some influence over these choices. Read how you might wield more influence on future technologies.

Digital Transformation Processes: Achieving “Good” Outcomes

The circular economy is forcing companies to rethink everything from how to design, manufacture and distribute products, to their relationships with partners and customers. The focus is no longer on consumption, but instead on lifecycle and use. Mike offers a unique and well-presented perspective on how to achieve good outcomes in the circular economy. Look inside to learn more.

Super Users in Action: Bottom-Up Channel

To succeed with Continuous Improvement projects requires the involvement of the entire team. All the team members must believe they can contribute and are being consulted. Laila Mara Pesoa offers invaluable advice on how to achieve that ideal state.

Winning at Hyperautomation

Andrew Spanyi declares that “Digital transformation is no longer a luxury for most organizations – it’s a necessity.” Gartner coined the term “hyperautomation” to represent the concurrent application of multiple digital tools in automating tasks and processes. Andrew believes Process Professionals are well positioned to make a major contribution to the success of hyperautomation. Read why and how.

BPM at Ampirical

Ampirical is a Louisiana-based power-generation engineering services firm founded in 2006. Jim Boots, a BPM consultant and frequent contributor to BPTrends, and his co-author, Aris Kyriakides , an Ampirical employee, joined forces to tell the success of Ampirical’s BPM story. They provide the key contributors to that success, a story well worth the read and one that could help you in working on your own BPM projects.

January 2021