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Is your organization currently working on one or more business process redesigns that incorporate AI elements?

Process Frameworks: Faster Process Automation Without Sacrificing Stability

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland takes on the subject of robotic process automation (RPA) which, she contends, has moved from efforts to improve customer satisfaction and productivity through automation, into high-value and high-risk areas like finance and HR. She concludes that RPA is quickly becoming a staple of the process management toolbox.

Performance Architecture: Design for a Better World

In this, their fourth Column on design, Roger Addison and Carol Haig, describe an array of elegant and practical designs for a better world created by users of Autodesk software.

March 2018

Dear BPTrends Member: March came roaring into the USA’s East Coast like the proverbial lion, and so far, is not showing signs of turning into a gentle lamb. Regardless of the weather, however, we have an excellent array of Columns and Articles to present to you this month. Keith Harrison-Broninski offers advice on how to […]

Harmon on BPM: Teaching Employees about Process

Based on his lengthy experience in working with organizations, Paul is absolutely convinced that managers and employees need to understand processes. They need to know that the activities they work on are a part of the larger set of activities that constitute a process, and they need to know that these processes will show how work gets done in their organizations.

Business Rules Solutions: Business Agility vs. Organizational Agility

Ron Ross argues that if you want to pursue true business agility your thinking must be grounded in management imperatives. Read his Column to learn what business agility means in the context of The Business Agility Manifesto.1

Human Processes: Too Many Cooks

Keith Harrison-Broninski opines that in some organizations, it seems that everybody is creating processes. Large companies may have several change initiatives happening simultaneously, and the people involved don’t always realize that their colleagues are making new versions of the same or closely related processes. The only way to deal with this is at the enterprise level, and Keith offers some advice on how to do so.

Block Chain Amidst the Chain of Things—A Nexus of Infinite Potential

Lavanya Easwar, a Senior Architect at Wipro Technologies, examines how Block Chain can act as a key differentiator to greatly enhance an organization’s customer service. She also examines some of the key aspects IT needs to consider in creating effective strategies to enable Block Chain’s potential.

Use BPM to Give Your Business an Edge

Lewis Robinson, a consultant specializing in social media marketing and sales, contends that if you want to build your business to a new level, you need to have the right strategies. One strategy you can leverage is Business Process Management, and Lewis discusses how to apply BPM principles to achieve that goal.