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February 2018

Dear BPTrends Member: We published our 2018 BPTrends Report, The State of Business Process Management–2018 and the response to date has been very positive. The Report is based on information collected on January 16, 2018, and it compares and contrasts information presented in the six previous BPTrends Survey Reports published every other year since 2006. […]

Essentials of Business Architecture: ‘Prioritizing Process and Capability Change Part 2 “Comprehensive Treatment”‘

In the tenth Column of his Essentials of Business Architecture series, Roger Burlton provides a more sophisticated method for dealing with the challenge of selecting the right problem to solve. In doing so, Roger delves more deeply into the “fast track” method possibilities he presented in Column 9 last month.

The Agile Practitioner: Stranded on Agile Island

Tom Bellinson’s experience as an Agile practitioner has led him to conclude that helping other teams become more Agile can ultimately increase trust throughout the organization and bring additional efficiencies to everyone. Read his Column for details.

Process Improvement: Process Scope versus Project Scope

In order to conduct an improvement project, you need to figure out the scope of the effort. What should you include (and therefore exclude)? Where do the boundaries of the effort begin and end? Alan Ramias addresses these questions in this month’s Column.

Harmon on BPM: Then and Now: The Impact of Change on Organizations

Times have changed dramatically since the 1980’s when organizations could establish and maintain their product lines and market position for decades. Today, even the largest and most successful companies find their product lines popular for a few years and then find themselves scrambling to replace them with the next new thing. Paul concludes that jobs that support facilitation of change are the safest jobs in today’s business environment.

What do companies do to develop process thinking in employees?

Digital Transformation—Industry Buzz Word or Real Possibility

Stuart Janzen, lead solutions architect for BPLogix, says that, in the 20 years he’s worked in BPM, the “original digital transformation” of the paperless office is as far away now as it was then. Do you agree?

BPM as a Management Discipline?

Andrew Spanyi, a thought leader in process management and previous contributor to, says that the “M” in Business Process Management is far from reaching its full potential. In this Article, he presents the 4 foundational elements for achieving a successful BPM initiative and the obstacles to avoid in the process of implementation.

How Can BPM and Customer Journey Mapping be Used Together?

In this Article, Zbigniew Misiak provides an overview of one aspect of the relationship between BPM and the Customer Experience – how Customer Journey Mapping can be used together with other ways of modeling.