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Frameworks: Using Frameworks for Process Analysis

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, a principal research leader at APQC, describes in detail the five basic steps of process analysis and how process frameworks can be used to provide structure for the organization’s process analysis efforts. Read Holly’s clear and concise description of the steps to achieve an effective process analysis.

Application Portfolio Analysis: Tool for Cloud Migration

Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara, a Lead Enterprise Architect in the Global Enterprise Architecture division of Wipro, observes that a majority of customers are moving from a data center business to the use of cloud services, but not all enterprise applications are equally suited for migration to the cloud. In this Article, he proposes Application Portfolio Analysis as a solution to determine which applications are best suited for cloud migration.

4 Millennial Trends That Are Changing E Commerce

Lewis Robinson, a consultant specializing in social media marketing and sales, cites subscription services as a tool increasingly used by online sellers to meet the demands set by millennials who prefer to shop on line as opposed to in person. In response to this challenge, online sellers are switching entirely to a subscription based service or are offering the ability to sign up for a subscription service on top of what other services they already have available.

Harmon on BPM: Establishing Objectives for Agile Process

In the November Poll, we asked our readers to tell us what percent of their processes were well documented, modeled and routinely measured. The results revealed a considerable discrepancy between interest and application. In this Column, Paul presents the Stakeholder Diagram as a tool to simplify an agile process redesign.

Practical Process: A packet of seeds and a shovel is not gardening

This month Roger Tregear tackles the question of why few organizations create and sustain genuine process-based management. Roger believes that what’s missing is an embedded systemic approach that demonstrably delivers useful outcomes, i.e. it fixes problems and delivers improved performance. Read Roger’s analysis and the steps he proposes to overcome the obstacles to establishing a systemic approach.

What’s the year ahead going to be like at your organization?

The Agile Practitioner: Process, Dogma and Flexibility

Organizations that are serious about process management often use the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) as a means of evaluating their place on the maturity scale. Getting from Level 3 to Level 4 presents a considerable challenge to most organizations. And, although certain processes will always be managed at the organizational level, Tom believes agile practices are best left to the team level.

December 2017

Dear BPTrends Member: Agile Process seems to be a topic on the minds of many BPM experts, including both Paul Harmon and Tom Bellinson, both of whom devote their Columns to the subject this month. Social Media, a seemingly omnipresent topic in today’s world, is discussed in the context of E-Commerce by Lewis Robinson, and […]