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Please Take the BPT Survey is currently undertaking its bi-annual survey of the BPM market, and I’d like to urge everyone who hasn’t already taken it to take a few minutes and complete it. It located here: As in the past, we ask a wide range of questions to try to understand the current interest in business process […]

Harmon on BPM: Business Process Conferences

In this Column, Paul discusses the decline in Conferences focused on BPM which he attributes to the idea that “we are currently in a lull, waiting for some new development to put fresh wind in the process sails.” He provides commentary on the fall 2017 conferences and looks forward with great enthusiasm to spring 2018 conferences.

September 2017

Dear BPTrends Member: Welcome back from summer vacations and the resumption of our regular BPTrends Update publication schedule. This month, Tom Bellinson, long time author of the popular Column, Process Solutions, launches a new series, The Agile Practitioner, in which he will discuss Agile process management. Be sure to read his inaugural Column. We need […]

Are you planning on going to a process conference to learn or network?

People’s Perception of Change

Gina Abudi, President of Abudi Consulting Group, presents a brief discussion of People’s Perception of Change.

The Agile Practitioner: Using Agile Tools

For several years, BPTrends author, Tom Bellinson wrote a quarterly Column titled Process Solutions. This month he begins a new series for BPTrends entitled "The Agile Practitioner." In his first Column in this series, Tom provides a detailed explanation of what agile processes do and how they can be applied.

Applying Process Changes: Match Making: Certification Requirements and Process Frameworks

APQC conducted a study to explore how organizations connect their processes to certification standards to improve the auditing experience and make certain that process and quality efforts work toward the same goals. In this Column, Holly discusses answers to key questions that arose from the study.

Essentials of Business Architecture: Measuring Performance Part 1

Having covered a variety of topics relating to business architecture, Roger Burlton turns his attention to the question of how we can measure what we have defined. In Part 1 of a two-part series, he provides a list of key performance indicators and how to apply them. Part 2 of Measuring Performance will be published in the October Update.

Digital Transformation—The Why is Easy, the how is Difficult

John McGrath, project management professor at Dublin (Ireland) Institute of Technology and Philip Martin, CEO, founder of Cora Systems, assert that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to digital transformation. Successful transformation develops organizational agility to meet demands in the fast-moving digital future. Read their Article for their take on how to achieve a successful digital transformation.

Three Techniques to Streamline Your Business’s Inefficient Processes

Lewis Robinson’s many years’ experience as, a business consultant specializing in social media marketing, CRM, and sales, believes that for a business to truly soar, inefficient processes must be streamlined and automated. .Read his Article for advice on how to accomplish that goal.