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Corporate Business Process Architectures

This past month we conducted a mini-poll on and asked readers to describe their organization’s commitment to a business process architecture. The response spread over a variety of options. 18% said they didn’t have a business process architecture and that no one seemed to care. A similar number said they didn’t have a business […]

Business Rules Solutions: Who (or What!) Makes Your Operational Business Decisions?

In his Column this month, Ron recounts several experiences he and his colleagues encountered where incorrectly implemented business rules proved very costly to the organization. To avoid such problems, Ron suggests that control over decisions be put in the hands of business managers. Read his Column to learn the impact poorly implemented business rules can have on an organization.

Book Review: Real World Decision Modeling With DMN By James Taylor & Jan Purchase

This month, Paul Harmon reviews Real World Decision Modeling with DMN by James Taylor and Jan Purchase. Paul posed a series of questions to the authors concerning DMN (Decision Modeling Notation) and based his review of the book on their responses.

The Value of Stakeholder Support Committees

Gina Abudi of Abudi Consulting discusses the value of stakeholder support committees.

Performance Architecture: A Dog’s Guide to Business

Roger Addison and Carol Haig constantly search for an exemplary organization that models the Performance Architect’s view of how best to achieve and exceed expected results. Finally, they believe they have found such an enterprise: Guide Dogs for the Blind, a non-profit organization headquartered in San Rafael, California. Read their engaging Column to learn why they believe this organization fits the bill.

Process Solutions: What is the Internet of Things?

Although The Internet of Things provides users and businesses a great opportunity to make life a little easier, Tom Bellinson warns that, left unattended, these devices have the potential to do great harm. Read his concerns and his suggestions for making these devices more secure.

Harmon on BPM: Where is Business Architecture Today?

This month, Paul focuses on Business Architecture and examines the various forms it has taken over the last few decades. He suggests that the comprehensive and complex business architectures from the 80’s and 90’s are no longer viable in the current culture where technology and change are moving at exponential speed. Instead, he recommends that most organizations would do better to focus on defining value chains that contain the problems and analyzing just those business process architectures required to understand and improve the process.

Questioning BPM: Question 9—Process Governance—Control or Liberty?

Each month we are publishing a summary of a single Chapter in Paul Harmon’s and Roger Tregear’s book. Questioning BPM, in which 33 respected thought leaders in the BPM community respond to a set of 15 questions. This month, Paul writes a summary of responses to Question 9, Process Governance—Control or Liberty?

December 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: We hope you will find the thoughts and ideas presented in this month’s Columns and Articles both challenging and useful. In addition to discussions involving business architecture and the Internet of Things, Roger Addison and Carol Haig give us an inside look at how a surprising organization, Guide Dogs for the Blind, […]

9 Ways to Measure a Business Process

In this Article, Joe Bockersette, a Partner with Business Enterprise Mapping, asserts that every measure should have a specific purpose for improving process performance and provides nine ways to achieve that end.