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When Training Doesn’t Help

Good process analysts need lots of different skills.  One set of skills they need relate to human performance analysis.  As one looks at deficient business processes one often encounters problems resulting for poor human performance.  The employees aren’t doing what management wants them to do.  To improve the process, in these cases, you need to […]

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn to “reinvent processes”

Microsoft has just announced that it will buy LinkedIn for $26 Billion.  At a press conference, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft said that the deal was “key to our bold ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes.” Obviously LinkedIn represents a major step toward cloud computing for Microsoft.  No matter what operating system you […]

Connecting Process to Business Value: Leveraging Frameworks for end-to-end Product Development, Part One

In December of 2015, APQC conducted its annual survey to understand the challenges and priorities of process and performance management practitioners in 2016. In this Article, Roger Burlton, President of Process Renewal Group, and Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, Research Program Manager at APQC, present the results of the survey and lay the ground work for two subsequent Articles in which they will introduce process frameworks and examine their role in the development of end-to-end processes.

Human Processes: We are all Politicians

Keith Harrison-Broninski returns to the subject of why meetings are often conducted so badly. This month Keith examines another aspect of meetings–the work required beforehand–which, if not attended to, can diminish chances for a successful outcome. Read his Column to learn what preparations made in advance of a critical meeting can lead to successful results.


Dear BPTrends Member: Readers of BPTrends are aware that we proudly present Columns and Articles by a rich array of leading BPM practitioners, all of whom are eager to receive your comments and would welcome your suggestions for future topics. I hope you will take the time to share your reactions to the content presented […]

Process Improvement: Real Process Ownership

What is real process ownership? Applying his twenty-five years of experience as a consultant in performance improvement at the Performance Design Lab, Alan Ramias defines real process ownership and also suggests how to create and sustain it in your organization.

BPM and Lean: 7 Key Capabilities of the Adaptive Enterprise

In his February Column, Peter Matthijssen’s message was that organizations need to become more adaptive. Continuing on that theme, this month he identifies 7 capabilities which he considers crucial for an organization to become an adaptive enterprise.

Employees and Supervisors Trained in Process Change

A Balance in Delivering Customer Value

This month’s video features Peter Matthijssen, managing consultant and trainer at Bizz Design, who presents his approach to delivering customer value.

Is the Matrix Worth the Effort?

Last month we published the third Article from a new book by Paul Harmon and Roger Tregear, Questioning BPM, in which 33 respected thought leaders in the BPM community respond to a set of 15 questions. This month Paul writes a summary of responses to question 5, Is the Matrix Worth the Effort?