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BPM 2016 Rio de Janerio

Each year there is an international BPM conference which is the main conference for those interested in academic BPM and in research in BPM.  This year’s international BPM 2016 will take place on September 18-22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Having done quite a bit of consulting in South America, and enjoyed visits to Brazil, […]

Training for Business Process Work

This month’s quiz on asks about what organizations are doing with regard to business process training.  It reflects the fact that in one report we read that training is down, but we have found it about the same this year as last.  We hoped to get a bit more information.  Unfortunately few readers have […]

APQC Offers New Business Archiecture Tool

The American Productivity Quality Center is a well-know group that promotes productivity at US companies.  They support several programs, including their business process classification frameworks (PCF) that define generic, high level processes.  These frameworks are widely used by organizations that want a template from which to develop their own business process architectures.  The APQC frameworks […]

Training for Business Process Work

The OMG’s Financial Ontology

An ontology is a precise description of a set of words and their relationships.  Several of the major financial organizations that are members of the Object Management Group have spent some time working out a common set of terms that can be used to define documents or busness rules that will be standard across the industry. […]

April 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: This month we feature Columns and Articles on a wide variety of topics, including Tom Bellinson’s take on Saas ERP, a summary of the results of two studies on BPM competencies by Jan vom Brocke and Elena Gorbacheva, and the first of a series of Columns on the Adaptive Organization from Peter […]

BPM and Lean: The Adaptive Organization

How do organizations stay relevant in the fast-paced and ever-changing business environment? Pete Matthijssen sets out to address that question in the first in a series of Columns on the adaptive organization. To respond to the challenges of a changing environment requires top-down strategic guidance, but also bottom-up improvement, learning and feedback. Read Peter’s Column for details.

Harmon on BPM: The BPTrends BPM Market Survey

Paul Harmon’s Column this month discusses the 2016 BPTrends BPM Market Survey, first published in 2006 and, published every other year since. In addition to comprehensive reporting of the data from the most recent survey, the 2016 Survey provides comparisons of the data from all six surveys. We hope you will take time to read the results.

Process Solutions: Life on the Web Part 11—SaaS ERP

Tom Bellinson asks “what is the difference between an ERP system that is cloud based and one that is not?” He argues that the answer is more about the architecture of the software and less about the software vendor. Read this edition of Process Solutions for Tom’s insights on selecting the software solution that best fits your processes.

Decision Modeling

James Taylor, CEO and Principal Consultant with Decision Management Solutions, discusses Decision Modeling.