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What’s Likely To Change BPM the Most?

This month we are running a mini-poll on BPTrends asking what development is likely to change BPM at readers’ organizations during the next 3-5 years.  We offered a variety of possibilities, ranging from environmental changes and cloud computing to cognitive computing. So far, the majority of our readers (36%) have selected Decision Management.  Second place […]

The Need for New Modeling Tools for Business Users

In my last blog I argued that IBM and a few other enterprise software companies were in a unique position to provide high-end BPMS products (and Cognitive Computing platforms) because they had the skills to integrate a wide variety of complex technologies.  If an IT group plans to use a BPMS tool to design and […]

IBM and the Cognitive Era in Computing

A few weeks ago there was a conference in the San Francisco Bay Area on Cognitive Computing. Several vendors made presentations, and, as I thought about them, I realized that a significant portion of the software market has changed rather dramatically. I am used to thinking of new markets as conforming to Geoffrey Moore’s Technology Adoption […]