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Productivity and Process in the UK

This month there is a BPM Conference in London that BPTrends co-sponsors. It turns out it’s a rather good time to be holding it. The Economist (May 30 2015) just ran an article on productivity in the UK. It seems that productivity gains have been flat since about 2011, and the government is seriously concerned. […]

What Kind of Training is Being Done?

In the latest mini-poll on the website, we asked members to tell us who they trained for process work.  25% said they didn’t do process training.  Among the rest, training seems to be focused on Business Analysts, Process Managers and selected individuals identified to be process change specialists.  But the numbers aren’t really in yet […]

What Techniques Should a Process Methodology Support?

A few days ago, I posted a blog entry on Case Management.  That article stimulated a friend to make a comment, and in passing, remark that they didn’t include Decision Management (or Business Rules) in process, but left it to IT, and would probably do the same with Case Management. I disagreed, and wrote him, […]

Three Snags Spoiling the BPM Party

In this Article, Deepak Singh, who is responsible for product development at AccuProcess, describes three potential pitfalls to successful implementation of process initiatives and how to avoid them.

Business Rule Solutions: What the Business Rules Group (BRG) Has to Say About Business Rules

The Business Rules Group (BRG) has played a central role in developing core notions of business rules and the business rule approach in its current form. In his Column, Ron Ross examines the main themes in BRG’s thinking on business rules as explicitly expressed in four highly influential work products. It also reveals how that thinking has been refined since the early days in 1989.

Who Does Your Organization Train to Help With Process Change? (You can choose more than one.)

Down Under: Processes – the Solution to Resolving an Issue or Dumbing Down Staff?

In their Column this month, John Jeston and Gina Craig ask, “Is providing staff with detailed step by step process and work flow solutions making them think less?” In their experience as managers, they have learned that staff are generally closest to the process and usually have the best solutions to process problems. Is this your experience as well?

BPT 2015

The video this month features Kuno Brodersen, CEO of QualiWare, who discusses the three C’s of successful process change—coherence, consensus, and consistency.

The Power of Hidden Rewards in Creating and Sustaining Change

Gaining buy-in for change is central to the success of any business process improvement. And rewards are what motivate most of our behavior. In this Article, Daniel White, an organization development consultant, describes an example of how examining and altering rewards for unwanted behaviors can be a powerful factor in creating buy-in and positive behavior change.

Harmon on BPM: KPIs and Stakeholders

In this Column, Paul Harmon provides a brief description of the approach to performance measures used in the BPTrends Associates Process Redesign Methodology. It is a comprehensive approach with equal emphasis on Customers, Management and other Key Stakeholders. When applied, it produces a complete list of measures for a process.