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BPM in London in 2015

Those who follow BPTrends know that we sponsor two conferences a year — one in North America in the fall (BBC was just held at Fort Lauderdale, Florida) — and one in Europe in the Spring.  The European conference, called BPM Europe 2015 will be held in London from June 15 to 18 in 2015. […]

How Do Organizations Use Business Rules

Business rules are becoming more integral to processes all the time — at least according to those of us who are writing about the topic. As a check on that perception, this month, BPTrends conducted a mini-poll on the use of business rules.  First we asked if process people were normally using business rules in […]

BBC 2014

I am currently enjoying a week at the Building Business Capability conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  The conference is the largest I have attended in quite awhile, and there is a lot of energy.  The show combines people from the business rules community, the BPM community and the Business Analyst community and the cross fertilization […]

If you do capture business rules, how do you use them?

Does your organization seek to define and capture business rules in conjunction with business process redesign?

Practitioner’s Perspective: What’s Wrong With This Process? – A Closer Look at Assessing Business Processes

In his extensive career in BPM consulting, Alec has noted that the pressure to accomplish a great deal in as short a time as possible has become a baseline assumption in working with clients; to the point that “90 minutes is the new day” is his mantra. In this Column, he describes some time-efficent ways to asses a business process.

How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Mistakes in Process Modeling

In this Article, Alexandre Mello presents the 10 biggest mistakes in process modeling he’s observed in his consulting practice. He elaborates on how they occur and suggests ways to keep them from happening.

Human Processes: Network Overload

Adding to the long list of available communication options, some vendors are offering the “private social network” that helps employees collaborate across departments. Keith disagrees. Read his reasons in this brief and to the point Column.

Down Under: BPM is ALL about People Change Management

John Jeston and his colleague, Gina Craig, assert that unless all stakeholders—both internal and external—are enthusiastic and fully engaged in a change management project, the implementation is at risk of failure. In this Column, they discuss ways to create an environment that will encourage stakeholders to be fully involved.

Practical Process: The Case for Process Architecture

Roger Tregear states unequivocally that if you don’t have a Business Process Architecture, you’re not doing process management. As Roger defines and uses it, a BPA is a simple, but not simplistic, view of how the organization creates, accumulates, and delivers value. It is a practical and pragmatic management tool. In this Column, he provides examples of frameworks that emphasize the “simple” approach.