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BPM and Senior Executives

During September we had a mini-poll as to how readers would characterize the senior executives of their organizations. Only 26 people responded, so this can’t be considered very definitive, however, of those that responded, 12% said that their senior executives “understand the process perspective and are supportive of process change initiatives.”   At the opposite […]

Beyond Algorithms for Advanced Decision Making

Harvard Business Review has just published a blog — A Process for Human-Algorithm Decision Making by Michael C. Mankins and Lori Sherer ( that could be a source of confusion.  In any case, it provides a nice teaching opportunity.   Many in the process area are, at the moment, interested in how to blend conventional […]

BPM, Cognitive Computing and IBM

Although the popular press has said less about it than they might have, IBM continues to promote its various Watson-related initiatives, which they generally speak of as cognitive computing. To those of us who were active in Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in the Eighties, Watson and Cognitive Computing simply represent the latest effort to […]

Building Change Management into a Process Methodology

IBM has just published a new study of change management ( ) which I recommend to anyone interested in who is interested in succeeding at business process change. The report describes some of the elements that make for successful change, and points out that some 20% of the organizations reporting say that over 75% […]


There is a long, and complex discussion on the BPTrends LinkedIn Discussion site that has developed over the course of the past month. I kicked it off, as I was working on an article on ERP and BPM software and wanted any insights that readers could provide. Now, as I reread the discussion, I think […]

Harmon on BPM: A BPM Methodology—What Is It and Why It Is Important

This month Paul Harmon sets out to define the characteristics of a good BPM Methodology and builds a case for why organizations should adopt a comprehensive top down methodology if they are interested in achieving measurable performance improvement.

How would you characterize the senior executives of your organization?

September 2014

Dear BPTrends Member: Welcome back. Hope everyone was able to relax and enjoy their summer activities. This month’s BPTrends UPDATE features a collaborative effort between two BPTrends Columnists, Tom Bellinson and Keith Harrison-Broninski as well as an Article on Business Analysis by Debra Paul, Managing Director of Assist Knowledge Development Ltd. and co-author and editor […]

Process Communication

This month, Tom Einar Nyberg, Head of BPM at Capgemini Norway and a leading expert in the practical application of Business Process Management, presents four principles for effectively communicating what BPM can do for an organization.

Process Solutions: Software Development – Collocation!

In his previous Column in the Software Solutions series, Tom Bellinson presented the Agile Manifesto and introduced the basic principles of how the philosophy aligns with good process management techniques. Recognizing that getting the “soft stuff” right is one of the biggest challenges of any operating philosophy, he sought the expertise of fellow Columnist Keith Harrison-Broninski in providing the solution to that challenge.