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BPM 2014 and a Newsletter

The international conference on BPM — BPM 2014 — is set to meet on Sept 7-11 in Haifa.  Information on the conference and other activities related to the BPM conference is available via a newsletter:    This is the major conference attended by academics and researchers.  The newsletter contains an interesting article on a […]

An Update on the BPTrends July Mini Poll

I commented earlier on the July poll, but want to take a moment to review it at the end of the month.   The results are as follows:  Who does BPM at your organization and what are their goals. (You can choose more than one.)  —  BPM is done by our IT people and their […]

A Cognitive Application from IBM

IBM is slowly but surely building up its new AI (Artificial Intelligence) capability. In the early Nineties, it seemed as if AI and expert systems had run their course with little commercial impact.  In fact, of course, major technologies don’t go away.  They get a lot of attention.  People learn how to use the technology. […]

Updates on 3D Printing Technology

As many readers know, I think process practitioners have an obligation to keep up on the major disruptive technologies that are likely to alter major processes in the near future.  How else is the practitioner to be able to think creatively about how to design or redesign business processes?  Knowledge of disruptive technologies adds greatly […]

Who Does BPM At Your Organization, and What Are Their Goals?

We are running another mini-quiz on at the moment. As usual, we have only had 14 respondents, so the numbers are hardly valid, although they largely mirror the results we got in last falls survey, which reflect hundreds of respondents. We suggested a number of groups with an organization who might be undertaking process […]

The Digital Tipping Point

McKinsey just published an interesting survey on the adoption of digital technology at organizations.  In a word, things are getting more digital all the time.  (To learn more about the survey go to  and search for The Digital Tipping Point. As I skimmed the survey I kept thinking about the role of BPM in […]