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Rolling Out a New Business Process

Much has been written about change management and culture change.  Most of it comes down to two basic ideas:  Communicating about what’s happening, and working to get people to do what you want them to do. Communication is straight forward, although it is often poorly implemented.  People want to know what is going on.  Conversely, […]

The 3rd Edition of Business Process Change

I wrote Business Process Change in 2002 and it was published in 2003.  The goal was to create a book that provided readers with a comprehensive overview of all of the various practices and techniques that made up business process work:  From Six Sigma to Business Process Reengineering and from SCOR to CMMI.  Just after […]

Who Manages Processes at Your Organization?

This month the mini-poll on focuses on how organizations manage their business processes.   Some organizations don’t do it.  Some manage their value chains and leave it at that.  Some organizations train every manager in process management.  Some have special centers, BPM groups or some such, to manage process work. If you haven’t taken the […]

BPMN and CMMN on LinkedIn

There is an interesting discussion taking place on the BPTrends LinkedIn Discussion site I started the discussion by asking if the OMG should develop a new notation for case management (CMMN) or simply extend BPMN to incorporate the late binding approach used by the case management folks.  One respondent suggested that both case management […]

Who manages business processes at your company?

May 2014

Dear BPTrends Member: Please join Celia, Paul and me in congratulating our partner, Roger Burlton, who successfully completed his run in the Boston Marathon last month. Along with his family who were here for the event, we enthusiastically cheered him on to the finish line. I also want to call your attention to the Third […]

How Enhancing Porter’s Value Chain Can Benefit BPM

This month Forrest Breyfogle presents How Enhancing Porter’s Value Chain Can Benefit BPM. Forrest is founder and CEO of Smarter Solutions, Inc. and creator of the Enterprise Excellence System.

A Complete Model of the Multi-Channel Super Market Business

Using extensive graphics to illustrate their text, Dave Ackley, Harco van Meerten and Frank Steeneken present a comprehensive picture of the underlying structure that holds every multi-channel supermarket business together while achieving its goals. This model is a collaborative adaptation of an earlier model presented in “A Complete Model of the Supermarket Business” which we published in January, 2012.

Bureaucracy and High Performance

John Jeston, with his colleague, Gina Craig, respond to the commonly held belief that bureaucracy and high performance are incompatible. They describe the issues and challenges that confront managers as they work with their employees in a bureaucratic setting. The authors emphasize the importance of the manager’s role in the process and how their behavior is key to the success of their employees’ performance.

BPM and Innovation, Part I—Promoting Incremental Innovation

This is the first of two Articles focusing on how Business Process Management affects an organization’s innovation. The authors, Martin Andestad and Hans-Christian Grung-Olsen, conducted research on this issue at the Norwegian School of Economics, and in this Article, they present the result of their first important finding.