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Process Management

There are all kinds of ways people use the term “process management.”  Some use it to refer to the management of process improvement projects.  Others use it to refer to high-level management, as when one speaks of managing a value chain.  In many organizations a value chain is the equivalent of a division — and […]

Watson to Help Shoppers

IBM has announced that it is readying a new application to be launched with Fluid Expert Shopper  — a company that creates apps to help shoppers.  In essence, you will be able to launch the Fluid app from your local personal digital assistant (iPad) or phone and access Watson, IBM’s now famous Cognitive Application that […]

Process Improvement!

Most days we think of process improvement as incremental improvement.  Then, occasionally, we see something that reminds us of the major improvements we have made in some industries.  A few months back, I was impressed by a video from a car manufacturing plant which showed the degree that the assembly process was automated. Yesterday, my […]

The Current BPTrends Poll

I’m not sure all readers realize it, but the small poll on the website lets one see the results, once one has entered a response.  At the moment we are gathering information on organizations that have and are using BPMS applications.  The majority of respondents — 8 — say they aren’t using BPMS, but 5 […]

Being Clear About Project Goals

A friend sent me a newspaper article about a Canadian healthcare organization that is having some trouble with a major Lean initiative.  Here’s a bit of what the article included: The president of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses says her members are worried about changes under a program known as Lean.  The Saskatchewan government is […]