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Changing and Maintaining Desired Employee Performance

Process change professionals seek to improve the way an organization works.  In some cases, process practitioners focus on changing the flow of activities, or the equipment or the software used by employees.  In other cases the process practitioners favor automating specific activities and eliminating employees entirely.  And in still other cases the redesign team will […]

A BPM Conference Newsletter

The annual International Conference on Business Process Management is the premier conference for researchers and academics in the field of Business Process Management (BPM).  This year’s conference will take place on September 7-11 in Haifa, Israel.  The committee promoting this conference has begun to publish a newsletter — BPM Newsletter — which is intended for […]

Culture Change

We have started running mini-polls on the BPTrends website. In February, we asked which of four options best described a reader’s interest in BPM and Culture Change.  We did this, in part, because in the fall BPTrends Survey we asked about “culture change” and found that a large number of respondents said their organizations thought […]

Sustainable Processes

Over the course of the past few years we have written Advisors on Green or Sustainable Processes.  We have considered the problems of waste from processes, and how to recycle byproducts to assure a continuing flow.  We have considered problems facing companies that try to recycle energy and water.  It’s easy to get excited about […]

Jobs and Healthcare in the US

The United States is in the process of rolling out a new healthcare insurance system.  It’s very controversial, and has lead to lots of debate.  The latest source of confusion is a report by a government agency that predicts the new healthcare plan should lead to “fewer people working.”  It was an ill considered claim, […]

Financial Process Efforts

I have begun to work on a new report.  It will take awhile, but the goal is to focus on a specific industry, and then describe the range of business process work going on within that industry.  The industry I choose to focus on first is Financial Services.  Those who have looked at BPTrends Surveys […]

BPM and Other Domains of Practice

Anyone who wants to define Business Process Management or to develop a course in BPM needs, at some point, to define what topics should be included and what do not need to be included. One way to think about this is to conceptualize BPM as a domain with its own knowledge and best practices. This […]

Business Process Management and the COO Revolution

This month’s Column is adapted from the book, The COO Revolution: Reinventing Customer-Facing Processes for Moments of Truth: Did you ever wonder about the replacement for Apple’s legendary CEO, Steve Jobs? It was the COO, Timothy Cook. What? The Chief Operating Officer became the CEO of one of the most profitable companies in history? […]

Types of Rules

Ron Ross, co-founder and Principal of Business Rule Solutions, LLC, and a leading expert on business rules, discusses what Business Rules are and are not.

Turning Data into Actionable Information Reliably

The trend of data collection is at an all-time high and this process will continue to increase as more people willingly and perhaps unintentionally, offer up their own data via social media and other outlets. You may ask yourself, what do you mean unintentionally? “We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We […]