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Making Processes Visible to Customers

As customers, we all like transparency.  Nothing is more frustrating that to get caught in a process you don’t understand, waiting for, you aren’t sure what to happen, and hoping it will turn out OK.  In two cases, recently, I’ve been pleased to see that organization’s recognized this and made their processes explicit. One was […]

Cognitive Computing and BPM

A major transition is shaping up that will change BPM in radical ways that are hard to imagine.  In the past, when most of us thought of process work, we depended on models derived from work done in manufacturing organizations in the 70s and 80s.  The idea of a process flow was often derived from […]

Some Process Conferences in 2014

There will be lots of process conferences around the world in 2014.  I’m not about to try to name them all, but decided I could provide a short list for those thinking about what conference they might want to attend. In February 24-25 in Phoenix AZ USA, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) offers its […]

Some New BPMS Tools

In several articles recently, we have asserted that the BPMS tools market is going in two directions at once.  First, older BPMS products have been acquired by leading platform vendors, like IBM, Oracle and SoftwareAG.  This has lead to consolidation in the BPMS market.  At the same time, however, new BPMS software tools are being […]

3D Printing Just Keeps Expanding

Readers who have followed my comments on 3D printing know that I think its going to revolutionize manufacturing processes in the course of the coming decade.  I imagine inventory being radically reduced and organizations relying, instead, on 3D printing to create just-in-time parts and other inventory items where and when they are needed. Yesterday, in […]

Practical Process: 2 Virtuous Circles

Central to Roger Tregear’s view of BPM are two different, but closely coupled, virtuous circles. They represent two repeating event chains that, with each iteration, reinforce and compound the benefits of process-based management. In this Column he describes how they define the essence of BPM as a powerful management philosophy.


Welcome to the launch of the new BPTrends website and to Harmon’s Blog:  Eye on BPM… If you’ve been following BPTrends since we started in 2003, you may recall that I originally started out writing a Monthly Newsletter – a 16 page piece that covered one topic in considerable depth.  Later on, around 2005, we […]

January 2014

Dear BPTrends Community Member: Happy New Year and welcome to the new BPTrends. This month, you’ll see a whole different look and feel when you visit We’ve updated the appearance, the page layout, and the navigation based on the most current best practices in website design and functionality. What we haven’t changed, though, is […]

Explaining the Multiple Dimensions of BPM Using A 3D Model

Most BPM professionals agree that BPM covers much more than just processes. In this Article Bruno Vanhecke attempts to explain BPM through a model that shows the wide variety of its aspects as a multidimensional approach.

Harmon on BPM: 2014

Paul presents his annual forecast on BPM in the forthcoming year. For the first time in several years, he is enthusiastic about prospects for BPM in 2014. He believes the economic indicators and the stars are aligned to bring about a growing demand for help in creating business processes.