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BPM and Business Analysts

BPM and Business Analysts Who should be doing business process work at your organization? Is a business process professional just another term for a business analyst? Does it include the managers responsible for value chains and lines of business, or Black Belts, or human performance analysts? Here are some thoughts on possible process practitioner roles […]

Organizational Change and Transformation

Organizational Change and Transformation In this Spotlight, we review some of the Articles we have published regarding how organizations can change their cultures and, given the special concerns of our readers, how organizations can become more process oriented.

Once More: What is BPM?

& Paul HarmonOnce More: What is BPM? Given lots of recent discussion about what BPM is, or ought to be, we have decided to take another crack at it. It’s important, after all, to establish a context and a boundary for our BPM discussions.

Business Process Transformation Framework, Part 3

Business Process Transformation Framework, Part 3 In this final Article in their three part series, Rick Burris and Robert Howard describe the process steps for using a Business Process Transformation Framework (BPTF) effectively and efficiently. Like any tool, it can be used to produce the desired business results, or it can be misused, creating a […]

Business Rules Solutions: What is a Business Rule?

Business Rules Solutions: What is a Business Rule? If, like me, you’ve been confused by rules about business rules, Ron Ross’ Column this month will go a long way toward clearing up the confusion. He answers the basic question of when a rule can be considered a rule and when not by presenting five pragmatic […]

Extreme Competition: Whither the CIO?

Extreme Competition: Whither the CIO? In an environment where customers are increasingly turning to Social Networks for information required to make purchasing decisions, and where internal business units are increasingly turning to Cloud service providers for the resources required to get work done, what is the role of the CIO? Peter Fingar sees the next […]

Back to Work

Back to Work In his previous Article, Jim Womack asked readers of his monthly e-letter to share their concerns about where we go from here in the Lean Community. He received over 300 responses, and, in this Article, he categorizes and summarizes the responses into five major themes and five major experiments. Anyone interested in […]

Practical Process: Balanced Process Management

Practical Process: Balanced Process Management Believing that Business Process Management is a holistic management philosophy, Roger Tregear advocates Balanced Process Management as the best means of optimizing the delivery of value to all stakeholders. In his Column this month, Roger provides his list of “points of balance” that need to be considered and managed if […]

Human Processes: Going HIM

Human Processes: Going HIM As a strong advocate of HIM (Human Interaction Management), Keith Harrison-Broninski is frequently asked questions about what is involved in “Going “HIM.” In his Column this month, Keith responds to that question and relates a recent experience in working with a client who called him in to deal with the same […]


Data4BPM Experts from IBM are developing a series of articles that will lay out a technical vision and approach for how data can be represented and specified for BPM applications. In this series, to be published over the next several months on the IBM website, the authors will present various facets of this vision. In […]